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Chronos changing to Red Automate

Friday, February 21st, 2014

Feature Graphic

I’ve been working hard on completely revamping Chronos, the device automation application for Android that’s been out for several years.  The UI has been redone and simplified, more Trigger and Setting options have been added, and a new category “Actions” has been included.  Actions allow you to do one time events like play a sound, or send an SMS when a Profile is activated.

The big change though is the name.  Chronos has languished, fighting with a ton of other apps with similar names, and it’s time for a change.  Plus, I am hoping that all of the utility apps I put out can be unified under a common umbrella, namely all following the naming convention of “Red <some name>” like Red Torrent already is.  And obviously Red Lightning.  Chronos will be the first to get renamed, and will take on the name Red Automate with the next release.

When is the next release? Soon, I hope.You can read more here  My current timeline has it in the middle of march, assuming no weird bugs pop up.

Speaking of bugs, I’ve added over 400 JUnit tests to Red Automate, which has made bug squashing a heck of a lot easier.